Bulk Downgrade?

Is there any other way to do a bulk downgrade firmware form bata to stable? I have over 30 devices all on bata firmwares. How do I downgrade them all. I have both bulbs, all 3 plugs, pans, v2s, v3s, outdoors cams, home monitoring. There has to be a way the doesn’t require me to run around to each and every device?

My guess is no - however, if you drop out of the beta program and wait a while - until the production versions for each product catch up with the beta releases - the normal firmware update procedure will eventually end up with production firmware in everything,
May take a while…


Bulk firmware downgrade isn’t currently an option, I’d suggest leaving the beta program and waiting until production firmware updates unless anything becomes unstable.


That would work, but the reason I left the bata program is now I take care of 2 elderly relatives. With all the issues with bata I need everything working stability ASAP. It’s also why I’m trying to find a way to do all this at once. I really don’t want to get on a ladder to get to some of the hardware.
You’d think wyze would have thought of that.

It mostly has become unstable. Devices go offline throughout the day at random. Some come back online by themselves and others require being unplugged.
While I work close by the system needs to work far more reliably to let me relax some.

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Note, it’s beta, not bata.

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Thank you for the correction. Wonder why spellcheck missed that.

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