Bulb message: The phone is not connected to the internet

I must have tried 20 times to set up a Wyze Bulb and kept getting an error: the phone is not connected to the internet. Very confusing. I gave up, made dinner, and later reopened the app to find that indeed Wyze Bulb was installed as a new device. So just a heads up, if you get that message perhaps you’ve actually experienced success and some odd occurrence cause the error message. Go check the app’s main menu.

This may (or may not) relate to a BIG problem setting up the bulbs. They can absolutely fail to register unless you temporarily disable mobile data (3G/LTE) on your phone. The setup’s crappy logic never finishes because the phone reverts to using its mobile data and not the bulb’s ad hoc network.

I was waiting upwards of 20 minutes with no success. As soon as I disabled mobile data I had two bulbs registered in 2 minutes.

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To install the bulb, you temporarily connect to it’s wifi so your device uploads your home wifi settings. Once the settings are uploaded, the bulb shuts off its wifi and uses the new settings to connect to your home wifi. The reason your device is saying it doesn’t have internet is because it doesn’t, it’s only connected to the bulb, which doesn’t connect to the internet itself until it connects to your home wifi.

The reason you need to turn your mobile data off is once your device connects to the bulb and senses no actual internet connection, it drops from the bulb, therefore not allowing the app to upload the settings.

When I installed my new washer and dryer, those instructions said to disable my devices mobile data.


Right on. Disable mobile data first.

Also, my Linksys Velop Wi-Fi was broadcasting 2.4 and 5 GHz bands under one SSID so I had to fiddle with the router settings for a minute.

My Android 9 phone kept wanting to connect to the 5 gigahertz band and I had to repeatedly make it Forget that connection.

Afterwards an HP Wi-Fi connected inkjet printer was freaked out over the network changes and didn’t work right so I think I’ll put that piece of junk in the trash.