BUG: Blank iOS Widgets

Hey all!

This really isn’t just related to Power & Lighting, it actually has to do with the iOS mobile app showing blank widgets, which won’t show lights, plugs, scenes, cameras, or… anything (screenshot included).

I made sure firmware was updated on all devices, went through Support’s troubleshooting steps, and I deleted the app and reloaded it has the same result on my iPhone & iPad.

I submitted a ticket and after troubleshooting and providing all my logs, Support came back with, “This request will be closed as we are unable to offer any further troubleshooting.”… Seriously? That’s not an acceptable response or resolution.

Has anyone else seen this and found a fix?

Where are you seeing that image - I don’t recognize that (ignoring the fact that the squares are blank). Keep in mind that I am primarily an Android guy.

The wording is poor, but it’s not as unreasonable as it sounds. What that really translates is that the support people have nothing further that they can do. They kick the whole thing to the engineers along with the support data that you submitted.

Thanks for the response! I’ve attached another screenshot, which shows other widgets. Hopefully, this gives better context. Basically, you swipe right from the home screen and it’s a wall of widgets.

Yeah, if they sent it to developers to work on, great. They didn’t mention that and “closing” the ticket seemed very abrupt. Ideally, the proper response would have said something like,

We’re very sorry we were not able to resolve this via our troubleshooting efforts, but I have passed this on to the Engineering team. You will be notified when we have released a fix. You can reference _______ to see the status.

I know that’s nit-picky but communication has to be clearer.

Agree that the communication leaves a lot to be desired.

And I’m sorry, but I don’t really get what your screen shot is showing. As I said, I’m an android guy. although I have a work forced on me #$%^&* iPhone (which I hate with a passion), and I do have the Wyze app on it. What are you expecting to see there? Maybe that will help me understand what is wrong.

Hi kstenson,

Thanks for the feedback. May I have the log id please?

I used to have same issue on my end. I am using ios 15.5 and I log out and log back in the app the widget showing just fine now.

Gotcha. Those rounded rectangles should have either your devices listed, like a camera or plug, and also should allow light scenes. Quick access buttons to the things you want to see most without drilling into the app.

I haven’t been able to get it to work or I could give more detail :joy:

Sure thing… Log ID: 477230.

I’m also on 15.5 and just tried it again with the same result.

Do I have to configure what I want to show in the app or something?

I’ll have to take your word on that. Maybe it’s just not registering with me, and I don’t see any way in the app (either Android or my &^%$# iPhone) to create such a button.

Thanks for the info. We just release the latest app 2.32 on appstore. I upgrade and test again, so far it looks good on widgets. Could you please update the app and try again? Thanks!

I was able to get the “single device” and “Event” widgets working, but still nothing for M or L “Device List” or “Events List”. Screenshots below:

I do have the same issue on 2.31 version app before. Yesterday I updated both my ipad and iphone app to 2.32. Testing for different styles and they both working fine now. Ipad shows white screen at first I click into the app → logout → login again and once I quit all my devices showing fine on the widget now.

Dang, I’ve got everything up to date, signed out, deleted/re-installed the app, and even though I’m logged back in, it doesn’t recognize me as logged in on some of the widgets.

I also have the same issue with the iphone 13 pro max with the latest updates on phone and wyze app. If i use the 4 box widget, it works…sometimes. If I use the 8 box widget, it never works. If anyone finds a fix for this please post and share with everyone.

Not to be too dense here, but I largely still have no idea what you all are talking about. Remember, I am primarily an Android guy (although I do have the Wyze app on my #$%^&* iPhone that work forced on me).

Well, I may get what you are showing (screen shots that showed stuff working helped - maybe), but have no idea how you create or use such a button, or how it’s supposed to work. I spent quite a while poking around damn near everywhere in the app (on the #$%^& iPhone) and I could find to create such a button. So can someone explain what this is supposed to do, how you use it, and where in the app do you create it?

I have the same problem on my iPhone 13