Brush Won't Fit Back In Vacuum

This stumped me for a while. You take out the big brush to clean the hairs wound around it. Then you can’t fit it back in! It somehow grew longer.

What happens is that hair or string is wound around one side of the brush where the fittings are–the side where you can pull off a small nut with your fingers. Pull it off the brush, then use scissors or tweezers to pry off the tightly wound hairs. They can be so tight that they look like they are part of the brush roller–but they’re not. And they push the nut out enough that you can’t fit the brush back into the housing.

I’ve had a couple of robot vacuums before, but this one actually works! And works very well.

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This gave me a chuckle because I had the same issue a couple of weeks ago. I was utterly dumbfounded. I couldn’t figure out how my brush GREW to be too big to fit back in where it was a few moments prior. I must’ve tried for what seemed like an hour wondering how on earth this brush grew in size to not fit in there anymore. It made no sense.

Like you said, I eventually figured it out…I had to remove the nut off the brush and then remove the hair that had somehow got behind it and pushed it out or something to where it was suddenly too big to go back in there. It was a crazy magic trick. Once I removed the hair from the bar and put the nut thing back on I was finally good to go and it worked again…but man I thought I was going insane. I even took it to my wife asking how on earth she got the brush back on the last time she cleaned it because I was feeling really stupid and insane.

It’s just a WyzeVac magic trick…Now if fits…Now it doesn’t…and you sit dumbfounded forever wondering how on earth this inanimate object without springs suddenly GREW! You got me good Wyze, you got me good…

Anyway, this is a great post to save others from this craziness in the future. It’s a funny memory though.

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Thank you for making me feel less alone. See, I’m inherently non-mechanical. I spent 45 minutes one time trying to remove the case from my computer without actually deforming it. Then a friend looked it over, and slid it off within a minute.

I was baffled by the brush growing longer. Didn’t seem possible, but I tried to order a replacement anyway. (No replacements available, thanks Covid.)