Wyze Robot Vacuum -- how to remove the main brush?

I’ve tried looking it up in the knowledgebase, but it wasn’t helpful.

After I flip the vacuum upside down and push two blue tabs towards each other to remove the retaining plate, how do I then remove the main brush? There’s so much hair/gunk on it I can’t see anything below/around it to figure it out.

Also, Wyze, would you please consider the main brush with the solid silicone instead of bristles? Something like this from my old Neato:

With your vacuum upside down, pull the left end of the brush (the end closest to the rotary edge brush) straight up, then to the left. After cutting the stuff off the brush, reinsert right end into the hole and drop the left end into the slot. Reattach plate.

Edit: When reinstalling the brush, if you forgot which end went where… one end free-spins and one end is fixed. The fixed end goes into the right side first, then the free-spinning end drops into the left near the edge brush.