Broken Camera

I love how they “troubleshoot” expecting that everything will be okay after you just turn off and turn on the camera. This camera busted after this firmware update and doesn’t work anymore, and because it’s no longer under warranty, I am basically screwed out of my camera. I’ve tried everything that they told me and I’ve even looked online for people who have had similar problems and nothing is working. The camera stays on a solid yellow light and that’s it. I have a bricked camera and all they can say is sorry. DO NOT BUY THIS GARBAGE PRODUCT!!!

Since it apparently failed during a firmware update, have you tried to manually load a firmware version from a uSD card (must be 32GB or smaller)?


that didn’t work for me at all. i held down the set up button as soon as i plugged it in and it turned blue and yellow but later on like 2 min it turned solid yellow.

I want to clarify something. For a uSD card flash, you MUST be holding the setup button down while you power up the camera - not immediately thereafter. It should turn sort of a pale blue (mixture of blue and yellow) after a few seconds. If you don’t get the pale blue, you did not get it into uSD card flash mode.

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i don’t know what can be wrong with mine. i think if you click my profile you can see the statement i posted.