Brave Woman Runs After Mama Bear Chasing Down Her Dog

Link to Inside Edition news story: Brave Dog Owner Runs After Mama Bear Chasing Down Her German Shepherd | Inside Edition


I love that security cameras are so affordable now (a lot of that is thanks to Wyze helping to disrupt the market) that things like this are now caught on video like this one was with this Wyze cam.

I think they exaggerated the story saying the owner “didn’t think twice” and didn’t hesitate. She CLEARLY hesitated multiple times and thought about it and was somewhat careful about it. Though, I don’t think she should’ve been screaming her dog’s name…that is just likely to make the dog hesitate, and slow down and look back at the owner or try to head back toward her which would make the bear catch him. The screaming was smart though…whether it was intentional or just from terror.

It does look like Mama bear’s main goal was chasing away threats to her cubs, so once the dog was far enough away and the screaming lady was closer to her cubs, she turned around to address the new closer threat, and then calmed down as soon it was clear the lady wasn’t headed for her cubs.

Honestly, the video is mostly a mama bear being a good mom…mom only attacked the dog when it became an imminent threat.

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Nothing worse than a mad female, Human or creature. They are the beings of creation and Weapons of Mass Destruction all wrapped up in a nice package. :rofl:

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Saved this from a while back. Another ‘being of creation’ on the move. :slight_smile:


I remember that video. There are two mad female creatures starring in the film. :rage: :woman:

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Questionable :rofl:

Nope. Pure as driven snow. A virgin capture. (If I’m catching your drift.) :slight_smile:

You caught it just fine. :laughing:

I like the gritty look on her face and the ‘electro-shock’ hair (extended by a background shadow.) I didn’t register the red spot above her head (another background item) and just now noticed she’s still got her phone!

These kids really know how to hold 'em. :slight_smile: