Bears in the Smokies

Went on vacation to the Smokies set one of the cameras out on the porch of the cabin. Our second morning there I got an alert at 6:39am. I was shocked to see this. (4.09 MB)

[Mod Note]: Added re-encoded mp4 video for embedded viewing.

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Wow! Glad you were not outside at the time.

Looks like the first bear has been tagged.


A tagged mama with her grown cub.

That’s what I’m using my cameras for. I want to check how close they get to my home.

The first bear was tagged twice already and I don’t know if they get a third chance :frowning:

Smart idea putting the camera out during vacations. It would have been a different story if you were going down the steps when they were coming around the corner. Be safe!

Very cool video thank you for sharing.

Cool, we love bear videos :slight_smile:


Can Wyze share this on social media?