Bluejay Takes off with the Pecan

I left a pecan on the table yesterday and all the birds, including the bluejays, ignored it. I guess he finally wised up.


The Blue Jays around here are all bullies always beating on the other birds and squirrels. You need to invite some Crows to the table. :grin:

I usually knock out kitchen window and they fly off.

I was a gullible child. Someone told me if you see a blue jay to cover your eyes otherwise they will peck them out.

Now I’m a lot older and slightly less gullible. I do tend to take people at their word.

Oh my gosh. I was too, not much nowadays though haha.

I should order this flag for the Chicken Lady. It’s the flag of the Wallonia Region of Belgium where my Belgian ancestors are from.

HA nice. My ancestors are from France (Fournier & Poisson).

Wallonia is mostly the French Speaking Belgian community. My Great Grandmother was born in Rotterdam, Holland to Dutch parents but she told every one (Including her own grandchildren) she was French and born in France. She spoke French 95% of the time which didn’t impress her Dutch speaking children especially my grandmother. My great grandmother taught my mother to speak French instead of Dutch which I guess is why my Grandmother didn’t let her mother live with her. :rofl: