Blue Birds in Wyze Bird House

Swapped the v2 with the v3, mainly for the siren feature to scare the sparrows out of the birdhouse.


Now you have to post a clip of the siren in action. :rofl:



Of course. No action since the swap.

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Bluebird on our feeder!
Edit: Not a Bluebird but a Blue Grosbeak.


That looks like an Indigo Bunting.



Thanks, Mike. Well I’m glad you pointed this out. I see now that this isn’t a bluebird at all. When I first saw it on the feeder I thought it was bigger than a bluebird but didn’t think much else about it. It turns out that this is a Blue Grosbeak. It has reddish-brown marks on its wings. They’re also a darker blue than the Bluebird and the Bunting.

The Blue Grosbeak has reddish-brown patches on their wings.


Good catch. I didn’t notice the wings. I only wondered about it because I didn’t think bluebirds were completely blue like that.

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You’re right because bluebirds have a reddish-brown breast mixed with white. I wasn’t looking close enough on my camera when I first saw him on the feeder (35 feet from the house). I just got real excited when I saw a blue colored bird feeding.

Blue Grosbeaks are pretty rare and you don’t see many of them here in Virginia.



I got my first Wyze cameras late last month and have been moving them around to see which locations work best. A couple of days ago I placed one of my WCO’s on a ledge next to the front door. I got an interesting Person alert this morning. It’s the smallest ‘person’ that has ever visited.

My wife, the bird expert in the family says it’s likely a Carolina wren.


I set up a ‘nest cam’ about a month ago in anticipation of a bird’s nest on a fence pole up against my house (happens often), but the only taker I saw so far continually scoping it out was a Robin, and they were too large to be comfortable there. So I’m thinking about nailing a small piece of plywood to the top of the pole to expand how much space is available for a nest. The chewing damage is due to squirrels.

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Haven’t had even a tire kicker since I removed the sparrow nest.


Finally a bluebird is making another nest! Had to clear a previous nest that a sparrow took over. The v3 has a siren so my plan is to scare the invasive species out without touching the nest.

Here is a clip of the bluebird bringing pine needles for a nest. Reminds me of the video of the dog trying to go through a door with a long stick in its mouth

Inside the nest

I have enough pine needles to make a thousand nests. Bluebird can have as many as she needs. Momma makes the nest. Dad just brings food for momma and guards the nest.


We have a bluebird egg!

Egg was laid about 6am CDT

And another egg!

Now there are 3 eggs! Max of 5 unless it is a younger bluebird then there may be only 3.

Getting crowded !

Mom will be busy feeding 5.

And then there were six!

Learning a lot about bluebirds. The eggs will not be incubated until they are all out so the chicks hatch about the same time. No new eggs and what I think is the male is incubating the eggs.

Read they eat mealworms so now I have a special feeder with a layer of mealworms. Yummy.

One hatched!

Now two and one is hungry

Papa bluebird is bringing some nice live juicy mealworms to Mama bluebird

Getting crowded. There were 6 eggs. One did not hatch. I suspect it could be in pieces under the nest, or mom ate it. She collects the poop (it comes out encased in something like a baggie) and deposits it away from the nest so as to not attract predators.

The 5th chick is out of the frame at the top. Don’t want to mess around in there pointing the camera.


Exciting! Congrats! Thank you for sharing.

They found my meal worm feeder! Momma has to feed 5 mouths every 30 minutes.


too bad the Camera’s don’t have an adjustable lens to focus on a close subject like this. I have a window mounted hummingbird feeder, where I thought it would be neat to get footage of the hummingbirds at that window. I mounted a V3 to the window viewing the hummingbird feeder. The result was not really worth it, as the birds were in focus as they approached the feeder, but once feeding at/on the feeder, they where out of focus.


Here is a pic from this morning showing all 5 birds.

I agree about the focus issue. The camera was not designed to be sharp 3” away from what is is pointed at. This is my third attempt and first actual tenant. Another, larger bluebird house is waiting to be swapped with this one. It is the same setup but in a larger bluebird house with a higher roof allowing me to move the camera farther away from the nest.

So far the white v3 doesn’t bother them.

Feed me! Turn the sound up. Sounds like a smoke alarm.


This is so cool ! Thank you far sharing ! :sparkling_heart:

Same birdhouse but with a WOC above it.

Breakfast yummy live mealworms. This is a WOC attached to the side of the bluebird house. I plan to adapt this once the chicks have fledged.

One of the chicks is thinking outside the box

One left. Mom and Dad are chirping saying get out of there

Have a larger bluebird house ready to be swapped with this one. The v3 is aimed better to see more of the interior.

Last chick left. What I have been reading, all the chicks usually leave in a 2 hour window. This last chick hung around for more than a day after the previous chick flew out.

Now I officially have empty nest syndrome. -_-


All the bluebirds have fledged. House is empty, and had no motion inside for 24 hours or more, so I removed the bluebird house and put up a larger and nicer bluebird house.

“We’re movin’ on up, to a deluxe apartment in the sky”

I aimed the camera a bit better. Wanted to get more of the opening, but this is as close as I can get it.

The male bluebird will find a bunch of possible nesting sites. He shows the female what he has found and she builds a nest in the one she likes.

Got a tire kicker in the new house!