Black Wyze Cam Pan

I would like to see your Wyze Cam Pan manufactured in black. I believe it would be less conspicuous.


Welcome, @LRHowland. A few folks took a DIY approach, which could allow for customization in terms of both color and finish.

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Where is dbrand’s on this…or where is WYZE on this? You’re leaving money on the table by not offering skins. However, you’ve experimented with the panda skins for contact sensors. Make a printable template or plot pattern for Cricut. Profit.

There are plenty of third parties that offer skins for Wyze Cams and Wyze Cam Pans. I just think it’s not the business Wyze is in. It’s a niche market, probably better suited for companies that make a wide variety of skins for a wide variety of devices.