Billing/Cam Plus issue

Purchased a Cam Pan + 1 year Cam Plus … received the camera but no Cam Plus service. Despite numerous contacts to Wyze support online have had no response. Does not seem to be any other way to contact them. If no response by Friday guess I will just dispute the Cam Plus charge on the credit card and not pre-order the new cordless vac they keep sending emails about.

Did you call support ? 1-844-999-3226 or 1-206-339-9646 4AM-8PM M-F Pacific time.

Thanks, will make a contact attempt that way.

Just so you know when you get a V3 with CP it usually has a 14 day trial period available when you activate it. Then they should send you an email with a code to redeem you full year of CP. Did you check the setting to see if it has the 14 day trial available ? You can check on the app

Thanks Antonius. Used the phone number to talk with a rep to resolve. It was a billing and setup issue on their side, the rep got it corrected while I was on hold so the paid for Cam Plus is working again. It went off after the 14 day trial period even though I had prepaid.


Keep the phone numbers handy in case you need them again. I usually do the chat thing and submit a ticket and get a ticket number. If I do not get a response that is helpful I call (Only twice in 9 months) I usually call about 9:00AM Pacific Time and have had great service from support that way. Glad to hear your issue was taken care of.