Beware: Cam Plus license period starts at purchase, not activation

I ordered a Cam V3 with a 1-month license on Aug 15. It was shipped on Aug 17 and delivered on Aug 23. And I realized that the 1-month license already had started on Aug 17. Nonsense. It started even before I installed the Cam V3. What’s more ridiculous is, the Cam V3 came with a 2-week complimentary license. When the 2-week complimentary period ended, my purchased 1-month license had only 1 week to expire. It doesn’t make sense to me at all.
In fact, I have another license. I bought a 1-year license in June. I was going to buy a Cam V3 sooner, but ended up buying it in Aug. Now the unused 1-year license has only 9-month validity. What a rip off!