Better control of the app layout

I have 2 cams and one bridge. I reinstall the bridge and all the sensor went on top of the camera. I try to change the name to force camera on top like I do to Nest cam app but can’t with Wyze app. The only why to force the cams to the top is to re install to get the layout I what. I will be install them on a ladder and plan to touch them for a long time.

The Wyze app need a way so I can lay it out how I what it easy then having to re install every time I add a camera.

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On the home screen, tap the three dot (…) icon at the top right. On the popup menu, tap Sort Products. Drag the three-bar (hamburger) icons up and down to change the order. More information can be found here: Wyze Support.


thanks you. Just got to play with the app.