Remake Wyze App

Hello Wyze!!

I love the Wyze app! But you guys could make it so much better!!

First of all I don’t like how every time you add a new product it goes on the top. For example I have my cameras in a group at the top. If I add a smart lock the cameras will not longer be at the top.

At the least you could add an option to move the devices around in order based on how you want them.

But, I think you should totally redo the Wyze app. How I see this is like Nest or Arlo. The cameras are always at the top no matter what devices you add. Next would be smart locks and video doorbells. Then all your other devices.

It can get very confusing when you have lots of devices on the same app. I think redoing the app like I said would improve this a lot!!

I think a lot of people would like a redone Wyze app! All the features we have a great. Don’t change them. Just redo the home page.

Thanks Wyze for everything you do and all the amazing products you create!!

From one of your many supporters!

You can already re-order products any way you like and group them to reduce the number of lines on home screen. Tap the ellipsis (three dot) icon at top right and choose Sort Products or Group Products.

I suggest you read through the help articles here:

There is much to be learned from those pages.


Thank you

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