[Beta] iOS and Android beta app V2.0.14 released

There are a lot to consider if we make the whole app working in landscape mode. For example, the layout of almost every page needs to be redesigned to make them pretty. We also need to be make sure screen rotation works on each page. However supporting rotation for playing Discover video is manageable. Also playing video is one of the popular places that people want to view in landscape mode. That’s why we made the decision. Thanks!

sorry but thas is a bad and lazy decision, the app should work on all mode, all oder apps do it, at least the ones i use and all major brands

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Thanks for the feedback. We’d love to more people request this on our roadmap section to help us prioritize better, as we are working on very limited resources.

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The recent generation of Android Beta Apps 2.0.x are an improvement over the prior versions. They are intuitive, laid out well, and simple to use. New App 2.0.14 works well. Good work.

I wish the thumbnails on the Home screen would display the whole camera viewpoint in 16x9 mode, rather than the truncated 4x3 mode which shows a thumbnail of only the center of each camera’s viewpoint.

Also, my Event notices all have the identical thumbnail of what looks like someone’s kitchen (not mine). Didn’t these Event thumbnails used to show an image from that particular camera?

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Hi Tao, (speaking as a user, not a mod), I understand that there’s quite a bit of work to make landscape work throughout. However, it is currently a very bad user experience for iPads and other tablets, and is not in conformance with Apple’s development guidelines. I really think Wyze should spend the effort on this.

Here’s the specific #roadmap topic to vote on:

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I’m sure they prioritize a list of 100s (1000s?) of bugs, performance enhancements, features, and user requests. It’s a bit rude to call these people “bad and lazy”. You’ve got a fantastic product at a ridiculously low price. That low price is, at least in part, achieved by NOT having to pay 300 highly paid software and hardware engineers. That comes with a Nest and Arlo price tag. Feel free to request that feature in the proper forum. The more people that desire that feature, the higher on the priority list it will become.


@WyzeTao I just discovered that looking up recent shared activity doesn’t work in 2.0.14 (see support article below). When tapping on the shared user from Account > Device Sharing > (camera name) nothing happens. When tapping on the shared user from Devices > (camera) > (gear icon) > Share, it takes you to the option to share, but that’s already done.


In Account → Device Sharing → (camera name), do you see an ‘Add a share’ at the bottom? We have inconsistent UI but you should see ‘Add a share’ function in both places.

Hi Rick, for sure you can request as a user. :smile: We can understand the request from customers. We have very limited resource. We have to make some hard decisions to choose among so many requests. Take an example, would you choose ‘one screen with multiple camera views’, ‘RTSP’, and/or ‘AI people detection’ for the ‘Landscape mode’ feature? I bet some will say yes and some will say no. For now the best is to vote on our feature list for your most wanted features. Wyze will definite take our customer’s request into consideration.

Are those cameras V1 cameras? Only V2 and Pan can upload thumbnails to the cloud. For v1 it is a generic picture.

Understand the comment for device thumbnail on the first page. That is a bigger change on the app side. We will have to consider post V2.0.

To answer your question, I would use possibly use multi camera view more than landscape. However, I would still have to vote for landscape first because I feel like it’s just wrong for a modern app not to support it. It makes the app feel like a throwback.

They are all V1 cameras, Tao. That explains the generic image on the thumbnail.

@WyzeTao I sent you a PM about this with pictures and everything. :slight_smile:

Switch back to the W for the notification logo… The word WYZE is so tiny and it’s too long in the latest beta, could hardly make out the logo in the status bar and notification on Android

While I agree that the entire app working in landscape mode would be ideal, you should find a more constructive way to address the issue like through the roadmap as suggested.

*Shop cart does not work. You can pick SHOP, it shows the items, when I pick ADD TO CART it vibrates (way too long) and says “added to cart” in a banner at the top. But when I pick the cart icon in the upper right, it says “your shopping cart is empty”.

*Account > Order history is inconsistent.
After picking ORDER HISTORY, it often takes me to a blank white page with a toast that says something like “order history processing failed”.
If the history loads the format of the status is not consistent. Status “Shipped” has a capital S, but status “processing” is all lower case

*On the camera settings pages (after picking the gear from live stream), I find the categories unnecessary and confusing. There’s too many. Can’t we just have headings on 1 page? I especially don’t like the LOCAL STORAGE setting is under ADVANCED SETTINGS.

*On the camera settings pages (after picking the gear), after going to DEVICE INFO, there’s a new BRIDGE FIRMWARE VERSION option. It always says up to date with no version.

*I wish the cameras would use NTP & a timezone, not sync with my phone.

*My smoke detectors went off yesterday, but none of my 6 cameras notified me. Is this supported in beta? (v1 firmware & v2 (I’ve since updated to, but haven’t tested again))

Android 8.0.0

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I agree… Local Storage should be moved out to the Camera Settings page, not buried under Advanced Settings. @WyzeLi

My #1 problem with the current 2.0.14 app is how (in Android), if I close/leave the app and then come back in, it returns to the camera I was viewing last. Then if I hit the back arrow (upper left) or back button on my phone it completely EXITS the app. I expect it to go back to the list of cameras so that I can view a different one.

This doesn’t happen once I’ve effectively restarted the app and start at the list of cameras. I can view cam 1, hit back, view cam 2, hit back, etc. But if I leave it on cam 1 and switch over to another app (and maybe it gets released from memory?) then when I switch back I see cam 1 just fine, but the back button completely exits.

Anyone else seeing this?

Thanks for an awesome product!