Best WiFi mesh system that works with Wyze, Nest, & Ring products?

Sitting here in my Costco underwear and Costco tube socks communicating over a TP-Link Deco M9 Plus picked up at Costco as a 3-pack for $200 (which just outside the price match period for me they put on sale at $160) and just like with Wyze:

It works better (paradoxically) in my particular environment with 2 units active versus 3. According to TP-Link, the toggle within their app to ‘anchor’ a device to a particular access point is only a suggestion - the device can override the router if it wants to. And v2’s want to, if given any opportunity whatsoever.

So that’s a PIA. They choose to migrate to an AP where they stream poorly. WTF. Ok. I’ve got other things to do. Change the resolution on the cam to 360p and be done with it.

FWIW, @spamoni says his TP-Link mesh thing didn’t stream so good until he deactivated the onboard security function(s). He has something he likes better now.

I’m all Wyze IoT wise.