Best sticker to cover Wyze Video Doorbell Pro blue LED ring light?

I vaguely recall seeing a post about a white sticker that was similar in size to the blue ring button on the Wyze Video Doorbell Pro, which shines bright enough that it still passes slightly through and is visible even after applying this sticker. Can anyone point me to something like this? Thanks!

Did you ever find a sticker for the ring button? I just purchased the doorbell pro, and I too am looking for a sticker for the LED ring light.

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I have the VDBv1, but the same K-Mart Blue Light Beacon issue.

I used white cardstock cut to fit from an old Birthday card and placed that under white Gaffer’s tape (like white duct tape). Then I colored in a black button with Sharpie marker.

@Omgitstony has a nice tutorial over in the wishlist:

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