Best Settings for V2 for Outdoor Use? Flies and people?

From what I have read, the V2 is designed for indoor use so is not really set up to detect people 30 feet away. I think 20 feet is pushing it.

If you have enough light outside, turn off the IR. I am in a condo so shoot thru a window. I have to keep the IR off, otherwise it reflects off the window. By turning it off, it keeps your V2 cam less visible to people anyways. I think this also eliminates some of the bugs being either attracted or being detected.

I keep a 32gb card in the V2. I just use the App for the live feed, or to go back and review things and edit out a block of video if needed. The 12 second clips are OK. Most of what I check on is related to noise outside.

The higher the sensitivity, the more things you will pick up, not the less. In theory, you could piggy back a V2 next to or near a WOC. Use the WOC around the clock, use the V2 for 24 hour footage. That’s under $100 for both units fully set up, less if the V2 can be in doors. Not a bad combination seeing the WOC apparently has the better detection capability.

I think, eventually, we will be able to configure some interesting triggers. Like if a WOC detects movement, trigger a light to come on, trigger a V2 somewhere else to do something.

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Did no one point out that these two services are still incompatible?

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Completely forgot! Thanks @Customer!

A way to do this currently would be to place a PIR motion sensor closer to the area you want to capture and then set the camera to record when that detects motion.

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Thanks! I guess due to the fact that my cameras are 20-30 ft away from people, turning off motion alerts won’t help if person isn’t being recognized anyway. It seems to be recording more motion alerts when people are there, but yeah it’s getting the bugs and some shadow changes too…

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What is incompatible between the two?

You can’t use person detection and CMC at the same time.
I know this is kind of a letdown but Wyze is working on it!

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Prison detection? Hahaha. That would be an interesting feature! :wink:
So I have micro SD cards in each camera and enrolled in the CMC trial…
Should I not proceed with CMC after the trial is over? Will that produce more accurate person detection results?

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Good catch🙂 I’ll fix that now!

Person detection doesn’t work with CMC so you’ll have better results with using a SD card. I use a SD card and I don’t get a lot of false notifications and/or recordings.

Ok cool. So I’ll just wait till the CMC trial ends and then test it out. Thanks!

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With the PIR, I believe you are talking about the Wyze motion sensor, there is no way to set a detection zone or sensitivity. I’d be getting triggers for everything in the world going on.

Most of what we are discussing is hypothetical anyways. I look forward to testing things out.

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Well sure there is. Unlike with camera based detection you can angle the PIR to steer its detection zone / sensitivity in an area (without regard to image capture).

Edit: left out the most obvious part; the sensor doesn’t have to be anywhere near the camera, in any plane. Also, fixed the damned autocorrect of “its”.

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In addition to the aiming that @Customer mentioned, people far more clever than I have come up with ways alter the sensitivity with a translucent mask made from a milk jug and to set the detection zone with a toilet paper tube :smiley:


Set your sensitivity to about 75% and then just keep going down until you don’t get the flies and bugs. This way you don’t go down too far and lose other motion.

Thanks. I’m at 60 percent on both and it’s still picking up flies. What would you say the minimum should be. I don’t want it to miss people.

For what it’s worth I recounted in a separate thread how this week I finally turned off the LEDs (but left night vision on). Our streetlights provide some illumination, and the bug alerts have vanished. This is all without any PIR sensor installed.

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@Customer When you say you turned off the LEDs, do you mean the ‘Night Vision IR Lights’ under Advanced Settings, and left ‘Night Vision Mode’ to ‘Auto’?


Yes. I’m saying I left Night Vision Mode on Auto and turned Night Vision Lights to Off. One thread where I gave a screenshot is Outdoor Camera vs. Indoor Camera for Front Porch - #28 by Ken.S

This is certainly not a new idea or new Wyze feature but I just got around to trying it.

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Maybe Wyze should highlight the Off/Auto/On indicators so we know which option is set.

I also have the Lights off. I wasn’t sure what I had the Mode on, it is hopefully Off now. I do not need it on, the street lights are fine, my camera is behind a window.

Huh? No, the lights should be off (especially behind a window) but with the MODE off you won’t be able to see in the dark. I hope those are some pretty bright street lights. Whatever works best for you…