Best Device for Running TinyCam + Wyze

Good afternoon… So I am pretty well fed up with my setup for wyze with tinycam.

Right now I have 10 cameras (only 6 used with Tinycam). All wyze.
I am using an older nvidia shield tablet that runs hot all the time, and its fairly slow.
I run wyze through tinycam, in to action tiles so I can have my ipad mounted on the wall under the pool deck so I can monitor the front of the house, inside, etc…

Is there a device you guys/gals would recommend that can handle 6-10 cams? Would love for this all to work on a raspberry pi :slight_smile:

thanks in advance.


anyone? my tablet cant cut it anymore. its painfully slow…

Hi @Dunginhawk, and welcome the community. If you search (magnifying glass icon top-right) the #ask-the-community category, there are several Tinycam threads that may have the answer to your question. :slight_smile: