Recommended TinyCam platform for using 2 cameras w/ motion detection; background; web server

I’m currently running 2 Wyze V2 cameras into TinyCam Pro on an Amazon Fire 7 tablet.

I can record continuously @ 10fps from both cameras in Live View without a hitch (HW decoder). As an FYI, after configuration the cameras are disconnected from the internet (MAC address blocking; static IP’s for each camera) and have been running this way for a few weeks now.

But, if I want to use the app’s motion detection and/or background mode and/or web server, the app keeps crashing and restarting…any one of these by themselves will also crash regularly. As near as I can tell there is not enough horsepower on this tablet to accomplish these goals.

Since I am recording from live view it won’t restart the recording if the tablet resets; otherwise it would be less of an issue.

So, looking for recommendations on a tablet (or even a surplus cell phone that could be used) that can reliably support at least 2 cameras (possibly up to 4) and run with full time background recording, motion detection and the web server.