Battery for Wyze Cam v3

The best thing to do is to check the facts before you buy something

Does Wyze Cam v3 have a battery?



October 26, 2020 16:54

No, Wyze Cam v3 is powered via a USB cable.

It is not wireless and it has no replaceable battery.

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Of course. Clearly I did not do enough research. It never occurred to me that an outdoor camera would need a wired power supply. But thanks for that useful comment LOL.


You’re welcome, just friendly advice :slightly_smiling_face:

The camera has a base station because it runs on battery. That’s the trade-off. If you want a battery powered camera it can’t be constantly monitoring a network connection.

“The camera has a base station because it runs on battery. That’s the trade-off.”

Honestly I don’t care HOW it does it, but thanks for the info - good to know. I’m just saying that the Blink base station did not work for me - it kept disconnecting from my internet, it would stay connected for maybe an hour. Therefore I am hesitant to try another one. Maybe Blink is just an inferior product, I don’t know.

I had a car I hated. I still buy cars. :slightly_smiling_face:

Your analogy is not a good one.

Obviously I still buy security cameras. I would not purchase a car that had a particular feature that was problematic on another model I had tried. :wink:

I will say the wyze outdoor setup has worked fine for me I’ve not had any problems with them. I have 3 wyze outdoor 1 v2 and 3 pans. All but one Pan work great. The one pan will go offline once in a while.

There is a lot of variables involved , it’s too bad you had bad experience with the blink cams.
I have a few of them and the sync modules work great , including the sync module 2,
only time my blinks disconnect is when the battery gets low, I have an XT2 80 feet out at the end of my driveway, I never have connection problems, unless it’s an Amazon Web Services issue and that’s not the fault of the cameras or sync modules or my Wi-Fi system

Hey was the blink base wired to your router or a wireless? The wyze outdoor base is hooked to your router via Ethernet cable so this may completely solve your disconnect issues you had with blink. Unless blink was also hooked directly to your router via Ethernet cable as well.

The blink sync modules are not wired to your router , they just plug in the wall and you put them wherever you want

Yup. I had placed the Blink sync module in my garage - supposed to be able to put it anywhere within a certain distance and I was well within that. The router is in my kitchen. Darn thing would not stay connected for anything. I had started off with it in the kitchen,that didn’t work either.

I just placed the V3 cam over the window (hooked it behind the trim) and ran the power cord through a hole in the window screen, under the window and plugged in inside. Not optimal placement but that will work until I get the extension cables and figure out the attic.

I have 2 Wyze cams -a pan camera inside (it works great - it never disconnects) and an old V2 - that I just replaced with the V3. The V2 (aimed towards the porch/sidewalk) was sitting in a window on top of a sash. It kinda sucked because I have full window screens so I never got a good picture with it. That’s why I wanted one that was weather proof so I could get a better pic from outside. The V3 definitely has a good picture. I will donate the old V2 to someone in the neighborhood as I don’t need another one in the house.

If you can get power to it I think you’ll be much happier with the V3 than you would with the battery outdoor cam. There are so many compromises to get a camera to run off of battery.


Depending on what you have to work with you can look at a light socket adapter…might save you some effort if you already have a light in your attic to just run it from there

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Well I know there is an outlet up there, right inside the door. And there is a light as well. It’s just the distance of the cable run and getting to the edge where the soffit is that is a challenge. I will figure it out.

You could run a standard 120v extension cord through the attic as far as you can. Then you wouldn’t need a long USB cord.

True. Tricky part is getting to the porch side of the attic. It’s not in a finished part of the attic and it’s a good ways from the outlet. Not anywhere I think I want to be trying to get to LOL. But thanks!

I have the same issue about no power on the outside. What about a solar power charger? I ordered a Wasserstein solar but the power connector did not match and returned it. Doesn’t Wyze make a solar charger?

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