Battery draining after firmware update

Hello. After updating to 4.171.123 my cam outdoor went from 100% to 3% in about 2 day. One other outdoor on the same firmware went to 23% in the same time framing. Anyone’s having a battery drain issue with this firmware version? Ive had these cams for over a year and this is the first for this issue.

That’s not the latest version, there may be more updates waiting for you. They fixed a bug in your firmware that caused an incorrect battery usage status. I do not know the specifics of that, so not sure if that is your problem. However, you should update to a more current version to see.

You didn’t say what firmware your Base is using, but the Base was also updated to eliminate the same bug.

I thought I saw a massive battery drain issue in Base Station firmware (I think problems with the Base was overworking the camera), but that seems to have gone away with Unfortunately they took that version offline while they investigate problems with people downloading it.

So I’d update what you can and see if that helps.

Are you using WI-FI or is you base plugged into the router via ethernet? 4.17.123 is a June firmware. The current working firmware for base is and cameras You can find them here if not available on your app.