Outdoor Base Station and 2 Outdoor Cams

Hello All,

I have only had this setup for 2 weeks. Everything was fine except the base station will not connect via Wifi. After I upgraded to the latest firmware on the base station and cams one of my cams had massive battery drain. I tried for about week plugging it in 8 hours, then 12 hours and 24 hours. each time the cams would say 100% but would drain to 0% in less than 12 hours. Other cam would have a minimal drain. I read in other threads about downgrading to the July Firmware. So far everything seems to relatively normal except the Base station still will not connect via Wifi. @Wyze I suspect your Aug and Sep Firmware updates need allot more work before release. If it had not been for the Forum I would have sent these back for full refund. Please address these issues quickly.

Here are the instruction for manual Firmware updates