Battery Cam Pro -SD Card Inquiry

Just installed 3 BCPro at our pool with Cam+U. A few questions for current users, please.

  1. Is the ability to record to an SD card now functional? I see some comments that it was not working previously.

  2. If I add an SD card for constant recording, what does the battery life drop to? In other words, with an SD card what is your experience of how long the battery charge will last? Days, weeks, months?

  3. Does a larger SD card record for a longer amount of time? For example, if a 128 MB card holds seven days, does a 256 MB card hold twice as long – two weeks?

  4. The notifications set up for this camera seem different from my other Wyze cams. Where can I set the hours to notify me of any event? I don’t want to get a notification every time someone walks by the camera.

  5. I have some motion sensor (ir) lighting nearby. It seems on fixture is now on all night. Could the IR from this camera be triggering the light fixture to come on?

Thanks for all the help on this.


I don’t have that camera but a V3 with 128GB card recording continuous last about 14 days, the card has 119GB of usable space when in the cam.
My V4 cam (2k) has a 256GB card and will last about 22-23 days continuous recording, that card has 238GB of usable space while in the cam. Of course those cameras are plugged into power. I don’t hink continuous recording with a battery powered cam, using battery only is a very good idea.
I can’t answer your other questions.

Thanks that’s helpful

I also don’t want it to capture events to Cam+U during business hours - impacts battery life. Can’t figure out how to configure that.

I did find a way to make a rule so notifications only during non biz hours, but I’m still getting notifications during biz hours. Weird.