Battery Cam Pro faceplate scratches SUPER EASY

I just got a Battery Cam Pro and after taking off the protective covering i plugged it in to charge. Upon my return to the unit, there were a few grains of dust, so i figures no prob, grabbed a micro fiber cloth (i have tons handy for different cameras’ lenses).

After the first 4-5x passes across the lower section of the faceplate (see pic) i was seriously shocked. I found that the bottom portion of the unit’s faceplate was seriously scrathed. Like the material is so soft, i couldnt beleive it. I mean this is an Outdoor Cam, labeled as such for being useful in the elements (wind, rain, etc). I cant imagine how marred/deeply scratched it will be in a month on a tree in my backyard, let alone in my house.

It needs to be stated that the lens looks fine. That being the most important component of the cam, im good with that (after unboxing, havent hung it yet). But why Wyze chose the material for the lower faceplate to be so soft, doesn’t make sense to me.

Just wanted to see if others have experienced this or if my unit is defective in some odd way. Ive been with Wyze cams since the Pan Cam V3 came out, and all three of mine have worked really well tbh. And they are not all scratched up, nor do they scratch after touching them lightly (or wiping them down lightly with a micro cloth)

Again, check the pic, lmk what you think.