Base station solid blue, camera is fully charged, go to phone to connect and shows that base is connect, cannot get the camera to connect

camera will not connect, just keeps tring to but no luck?. I have up dated filmware, turned on and off. Reset the base which has a solid blue light and they are right next to each other?

Double check you have the camera switched to on.

Do you see the camera on the home page?

If so, if it is showing off there click it to go to the camera view.

If it doesn’t connect there, click to go to the settings and check the status there.


Camera is on shows up on homepage says fully charged but says offline

When you click it from the home page and go to the camera view, does it still show offline or won’t connect? Sometimes the home page doesn’t show the correct status.

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I threw it away spent hours back in June, screwed up my WiFi/ internet support terrible now I know why so cheap. Tried to give it another chance since updates. Waste of time n $ but thanks

O-well you might have a component failure, when we add cameras to our Hub,HUB, push the side button on hub,then the concetion button on the camera,seams to work much faster

The outdoor cam doesn’t use the HMS hub, it uses the base station for the outdoor cam.

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I junked it ,

AKA HUB we keep spares HUBS around due to we have so many, we had 2 customers that the hub had flashing amber,so our techs pulled sd cards,and put cards into new hubs and customers were back on the air

Calling the base station a hub will definitely confuse people since Wyze also has a product called a hub. Being specific to the name Wyze gave to the item is best in a user to user forum.

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Well its conserdiered a hub due to the make up

The best practice is to refer to the components by the names Wyze gave them. Otherwise you WILL confuse forum members who call the components by their appropriate names.

The Wyze hub is an actual hub for the HMS system linking multiple specific products that work with the HMS system - but not the outdoor cameras.

The Wyze base station is the connection point for only the outdoor cameras. It is not a hub.

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I have the CAM outdoor and have similar problems but intermittent. I received recorded sessions but I can’t see live scenes when I try to link. Both modems (Main & the Base) show strong internet power and the battery is at 95%. Is there a process to follow for consistency?

Interesting try to power cycle the wireless station/hub and also the camera and try it again we don’t have that issue thanks

Wondering how adding your HMS system to your WiFi/Gateway/AP makes these inaccessible/stop working?

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Thanks for the feedback, however, the cameras are at my cottage which is 3 hours away from my home.