Base station for WCO Firmware Beta Testing 2/1/2021


4.16.1. 8

What’s new:

  • Fixed a bug that prevented motion detection from working

Loading the firmware now. Motion notification in general, CamPlus AI, or all? Just need to verify which area to test as my WCO is setup for AI only.

Test 1: Motion detected and notified and properly identified as Person. I will continue to test. Note: Got 2 notifications and now nothing. I sent the logs in. Log submitted: 117090.

Test 2: I picked up the Camera and waved it around the room, placed it down and within 10 to 15 seconds, it did notify me. So walking in front of it - nothing. Waving it around the room triggered it to send an Alert. Does not make sense, but it is interesting.

Test 3: Turned off CamPlus for the WCO I am testing. went in front of it and waited a bit. and it did Alert as well. Wonder if the notification issue is related to something with CamPlus?

Note: Just sent in the logs with CamPlus off for the WCO if a comparison is needing to be done. Log id was 117097

Final Update: at 5:21pm EST, I started getting Alerts again. I received 5 in about 7 minutes, I have the cooldown set to 30 seconds for testing. Now I put it back to 1 minute. Cannot say what changed, but I do know nothing on my end. Hopefully the logs I sent in will help.

Getting frustrated with my WCOs lack of motion detection. I sure hope this moves into Production soon.

When will this version be available? My WOC cameras ALPA stopped detecting and notifying after the recent firmware upgrade…

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