Base Station Constantly Losing Wifi Connection

Just like the title says… The base station is only 2 feet away from the wifi router, and loses its connection at least once a week. Has done this ever since it was able to connect via wifi… It makes these cameras even more useless than they already are with their limited range. The most important part of having these cameras is for security purposes, and when you can’t see what is going on because the base has lost its connection randomly, completely defeats the purpose of having these cameras.

Does anyone else experience this? It has happened across all firmware updates as well.

If the base is only 2 feet from the router why don’t you have it connected via ethernet?

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There are not an infinite number of ethernet slots on our router… We relocated the base to be closer to the router to see if that would make a difference with loss of signal. It did not. Nothing else has issues with disconnecting either. It is isolated to the base station only.

If you have a company that gave you a router with more than 4 slots consider yourself lucky. And a switch is not an option.

We currently have a mesh wifi system, so there is a strong signal throughout our house and property.

I’ve never tried to connect the base to Wi-Fi because I have no need to. I have a Motorola basic cable modem/router that I purchase and it has 4 ethernet ports and the only thing plugged into ethernet is my base station. It has a 2.4 and a 5.0 network with different SSID names, same password. My furthest cams are 45 feet, 40 feet, 35 feet and 30 feet from the base and 3 of the 4 cams have a 4 bar signal, the one at 40 feet has 2 bars.