Band double tap to activate

Lots of topics about water on the Band. Wonder if it’s possible to add a shower mode. Then in order to unlock the display you have to double tap the display. Not sure if the Band hardware can handle that.

It’s a huge issue when showering or swimming. Would be relatively easy software update.

+1 on a shower (water) mode. I don’t think a double tap will be sufficient to guard against the inadvertent taps and swipes while water hits the watch face, but I would also find a method to make it less likely to unlock the band while showering or swimming.

This could be solved I think well enough with timing. The water running down the face causes the watch to register a swipe. Water would typically cause a very fast double tap if it did at all. Probably register more than 2 taps. I think it deserves an alpha test at least. If thay haven’t already done that.