Watch 47 "water mode"?

Will there be a way to ignore screen input until some action occurs? I know there were limitations with doing something like this on Band but since the watch has a button, would be cool if we could go into some sort of “water mode” where the watch responds to wrist raises but not screen touches and has something like triple click of the button to exit “water mode”.

I have wore it in the shower once and was at the dog park playing with my dog and grabbing sticks and balls from the lake water and noticed my watch going crazy because it was detecting the water droplets as touches.


My display turns off when it detects water. While showering soon an I put it in the water the display turns off. And screen doesnt respond to touch when under water. Perhaps yours is malfunctioning

if that is a real feature of the watch then i have a defective watch because water definitely freaks my watch out in every scenario i have had so far.

I wonder if this may have something to do with the hardness (minerals) in the water. As an experiment would you be able to test it with hard and soft water? If not that’s cool, I’m just curious.

My band goes crazy with water too. I haven’t tested my watch yet. Not sure if water rejection (how most smartphones are able to ignore false inputs from water) can be implemented just through software or if specific screen hardware is required. It’s kind of pointless to have a waterproof device without water rejection.

I also would love for this feature to be added! It would be very helpful to have a mode that would block all touch inputs. It would be simple - have a selector icon in the settings page (or the app page) to enter the water-lock mode, hold the button for a few seconds to leave water-lock mode.

I went kayaking recently and tested the watch in water. With the screen asleep when I put it in the water it did not wake up like the band did and when I submerged it with the screen on it put itself to sleep.

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