Back Up to Base Station + Cam Plus Subscription

Re-enable Back up to base station feature when camera has been assigned a Cam Plus license.
If you force me to choose between Cam Plus and the ability to back up to base station, I’m afraid I cannot forfeit this built-in (and free) feature. I’m baffled that you’d strip away this incredible (and free) built-in feature for nice to have features. I’m conflicted even further because it’s not like Cam Plus is this cost-prohibitive subscription; I’d like to continue to support Wyze in this manner, so please give us back the ability to store event records in our own private “clouds.”

Its called the wyze game…he’ll its been like that from day 1 we have alot of those cameras and we are so pissed like you


Allow back up to base station for Cam Plus or increase cloud storage to 30 days.

Hi. I would like to be able to back up all video from my outdoor cam to my base station microSD card while still having a cam plus subscription.

14 days of cloud storage is not enough.

if back up to the microSD base station is not possible, please increase the number of days for cloud storage.

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I just had this bite me recently. I upgraded to Cam Plus to support Wyze and they disabled backup to base station without telling me. The option simply disappears when a license is added. I had someone steal my chainsaw and I have no footage of it due to wifi issue. I contacted support and they confirmed the video cannot ever be recovered since it was not uploaded. I bought a microSD card specifically to avoid this type of situation.

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How do we bump this topic so it gets more attention? Or maybe ppl that use Wyze cameras don’t live in high theft areas.

Thats an old subject its been that way for years,do 2 the type that the cameras chipset is its going to work,i have the same issue and you have 14 days of storage,after that there gone…what i do and my neighbors since we all have the same outside battery camera every morning when.i have my coffee i go through yesterday’s recordings and deleat the ones i dont need and the ones i want to keep i download to my device,phone,tablet…etc.we each have 8 cams it takes about 10-20 minutes it just depends on events…a few of us do sunset/sun rise doing the custom time-lapse works so great…well good luck…yesterday we bought 7 each of the new Wyze cam theres 2 models and alot of new features and more…and cheap…