Back up camera

I use my Wyse cam as a backup camera for my trailer.
I connect my Wyse camera to a power pack (common external battery for recharging your phone) and then I place the power pack and camera on the rear bumper of my trailer. I plug the camera into the power pack for power with the supplied power cord. I then use my iPhone personal hot spot feature to establish a wifi network. ( Settings, personal hot spot, turn on hot spot) Then I use my iPad and connect to my personal hot spot in settings. Then I log into my Wyse cam account and can view the rear of the trailer from my iPad screen.


After you’ve gone through all those steps and it is now night time, does the infrared help with backing up?

I kid you, of course, but wow, that’s a lot of steps.

That’s a great idea.:slightly_smiling_face:

Keep in mind that there is at least a second or two of delay between reality and the display on the phone. that can be important if depending on the camera for safety. Best advise would be to take it slow.

You’ll feel the tree. :slightly_smiling_face:
Keep dogs and kids in the truck. Wife too, I guess…

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