B2B Salesperson/Contact Person

Since we are using Wyze for our business needs, we have purchased over 100 cameras at the moment. We have been in touch with probably over 40 different Wyze Wizards over chat and phone, where we have to reexplain our situation over and over again.

With that said, we want a single person who knows about our account and can assist us readily with any questions we have. I have had multiple Wyze wizards answer my questions incorrectly costing us time and money. Every question I raise I am usually unable to find assistance for days.

If Wyze is interested in B2B operations or our thousands of dollars of potential revenue, this is something I know Ring and other camera providers have.

You do realize that this is a user forum and only rarely frequented by Wyze employees, don’t you? You might have better luck if you contact the Wyze office directly.

8815 122nd Ave NE, Suite #201, Kirkland Washington 98033