AWS Outage Impacting Multiple Wyze Services - 12/15/21

Perhaps some quality time spent on making sure the products work while Jeff Bezos is refueling his [Mod Edit] rocket ship may be in order. I’ve been a Wyze customer since the beginning, and it is getting worse now. Here’s a thought, stop wasting time on spamming customers who paid for a product to sell services that we don’t need, and instead direct your focus on stability…especially when connections go down. Sinking everything in AWS is not a good idea. Everyone and their Mother attacks AWS. Instead, go with a smaller host. Stop feeding the beast. Amazon doesn’t care about anyone or anything other than lining the pockets of King Bezos. If making people work in a building that collapses during a hurricane isn’t enough proof, then you don’t really have much intelligence. /rant

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