AWS Outage Impacting Multiple Wyze Services - 12/15/21

All I want for Christmas is Wyze customer service. Still getting the typhoon recording over and over since the 3rd week of December. We have contact centers and that is why companies have redundant locations. Their Customer Service is horrible.

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Just ran the Wyze app for the first time in a while (I’m a TinyCam user) and my main front camera has that offline cloud mark. It’s working normally though. The others appear online. As usual NONE of them will play back a damn thing from their SD cards.

V2 & V3 SD cards working here. Are you using RTSP firmware or trying the SD cards thru the TinyCam app?

No, and no. I don’t think TinyCam even has any way to reach Wyze SD card content. That’s actually why I launched the Wyze app. Trying to find some footage of a slip and fall - be careful of clear morning ice! I have old stock firmware. As I’ve said, my Wyze cameras have never used SD cards reliably and this is further evidence. The cards are shown as present and mostly full, set on continuous recording. But no footage at all is visible from View Playback.

First go around with Wyze, not Home Monitoring systems. First time I have dealt with a company that completely left their customers hanging. I’ve been trying to get someone in support since Dec 20. Same typhoon recording that still plays on a continuous loop. How about a redundant call center? That’s what companies who want to talk to their customers do.

This morning I had some possibly related intermittent Android connectivity issues with the Wyze app (not loading after starting) notifications from an email program not arriving (while they were on a PC) and browser loading but not connecting to sites. Email notifications is the only thing not ‘up’ for me at the moment.

Probably not related but the meat world ‘buffer overflow’ attack on retail chains (Rite Aide in this case) started in the neighborhood this week, along with a spate of overnight auto break-ins.

New mischief contracts in effect for the new year?

While irritating, the “reduced support hours” continuous loop recording on the Support line is actually the wait hold message. I just called at around noon ET, and after listening to several loops I had a support tech on the line within 3 minutes.


If you’ve got the chops and interest, I’d start a forum Topic and put some time into documenting your poor experiences going forward.

Be specific. Be exhaustive (or at least complete.)

Record the CS voice convos (or endless holds) and load them up as mp3. Cut/paste email exchanges, screenshots of chats, etc.

It’s persuasive.

Here’s a hoary thread of mine to skim. I am (of course) the very model of a modern Major-General. :slight_smile:


Wyze has eliminated the continuous loop wait hold message on the Support line.

This time I got connected immediately. :slight_smile:



They forgot to tell their customers to hold. Most would interpret that message to mean they are not open. Thanks for the info. I need my vacuum gasket now.

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I’m still pissed I didn’t get a Santa ……

I had it it showed up on 1 camer on 12.25.21 1200am

Honeywell Total Connect servers are down affecting many alarm monitoring and home automation services

Guess it’s Total Connect’s turn for an outage :thinking:

Yes Everyone Honeywell/Ademco’s Total Connect services are down just like Wyze was last year due to Cloud/Server issues :exclamation:

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Even though the network is down, I Do Have Local Control However :grinning: - Unlike Wyze’s App/System.

I can control all my home automation locally with the network down

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Coming up on 20 hours down with Honeywell Total Connect services for alarm and home automation.

Total Disconnect

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Total Connect is now backup 24 hours and 12 minutes later…

This is random but I can’t figure out how these comments are grouped or even how to navigate this forum.

The process of ordering a rubber gasket (due to vacuum design flaw) is so painful that I would rather buy a new Dyson. I’ve been emailing support. They think I want a full refund, I don’t. I only want the $1 rubber gasket that the idiots designed to fall out on the rare occasion of emptying the trash bin? It should not take 8 emails, multiple photos, proving proof that your company already has ( you sent me the unit) etc. your organization needs a service overhaul.

Been there,it like talking to the dam wall,and a 3rd world country.