Automatically restart the devices if it can't connect to wyze

Going on 5 years later and not a solution has been implemented.
Pretty sad.
I seen some [Mod Edit] saying its weak wifi, not wyze’s problem. Problem is, 8 feet from my router sit 3 cameras that randomly drop offline.
Another one about 15 feet that drops offline.
One that uses a repeater and it randomly drops offline
I have my barn on a p2p 2 mile capable setup only 500 feet from my router, it randomly drops offline. But ironically I can still access the router and other wireless equipment when the cameras drop offline.
It IS a wyze problem that should be addressed.
When it comes to the hard wired setups such as the floodlights going offline, it’s not exactly an easy option to just unplug and plug back in the offending camera, but that’s the solution wyze has decided to stand on a hill and die over.
Makes no sense to me, when a little simple coding could resolve this.

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