Automatically enable and disable "Track Motion" on Cam Pan v3?

(not ios specific - just selected that to get past the 2 tag minimum)

is there any way to automatically enable and disable the “Track Motion” feature for the Cam Pan v3 based on the time of day?

I like the feature during the day for keeping track of my elderly mother when she is puttering around the yard, but it’s pretty worthless at night - since the camera is constantly chasing after bugs.

If not - then is there a way to submit a feature/enhancement request for the next firmware release?



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No. There is no Automation linkage for the Track Motion or the Pan Scan feature of the PTZ Cams. This means no Actions for Rules, Routines, Applets, or Automations.

The settings must be adjusted manually in each cam.

The feature has been requested previously in the Wishlist topic below. Follow the link, vote for the post by liking :heart: it, then go all the way to the top and Vote for the thread.

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