Automatic Firmware Updates and Installation Scheduling Options

For sure please make automatic fw updates opt-in. I prefer to update one device of each type before deciding to update the rest. Thanks.

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@Kenny Thanks for the update! Happy to learn it’s on the Roadmap. I have a over 20 devices on the Wyze Ecosystem (including locks, security system, cameras, etc) so definitely looking forward to some of these features. I have 6 cameras set up for 24/7 recording. I hate having to manually push updates but I have this (possibly irrational) fear that they will all be updating at worst possible time when someone is breaking in. Would love to see an option to update at a specific time of day that I know I’ll be home (or maybe location triggered?).

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Per the initial post, a “rolling” update would be beneficial. For those of us who have over 20 Wyze devices in our system, there may be a data “logjam” at the router if everything tries to hit the update at the same time resulting in failure to update or inability to reconnect. Seeing it now.

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I do not want Automatic update, how do I STOP it? Just realized you pushed latest update on all my cams which broke my setup, now I have to manually go around my house to downgrade.

How do I STOP automatic updates?

Automatic updates is not even a feature yet lol, you must’ve done it by accident or someone else with access to your account did it.

Automatic…no. Forced…yes. @Customer can confirm it happened on his account/cameras.

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Yes, they announced they would force the (unnecessary) updates in the middle of the US winter, they did so, and they broke some people’s cameras including one of mine.

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Damn, didn’t know

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Is there an option yet for the automatic firmware updates? My cameras are setup to monitor my snake in her enclosure. Of course, she somehow escaped yesterday and the cameras were the first thing I went to. But because of this pending firmware update, nothing was recorded! I’m beyond pissed off at this

All 13 of my cams have had pending updates for months. I refuse to update to buggy firmware which is every release.

Yet, all of my cams operate flawlessly on old stable FW and the old stable Android app. Full CamPlus cloud events and notifications on every cam, continuous uSD recording on all that can.

Pending updates won’t keep your cams from recording unless the last update broke them. Yet another reason not to have forced or auto updates.

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Welcome to the user-to-user forum, @Kopas3713! :slight_smile:

A pending update should not stop your cameras from recording. Since the great escape happened yesterday, did you select that date on the top of the Events tab? If still nothing, did you try clearing your event filters (funnel icon, clear all, show results)? If still nothing, was your camera set to record (Camera settings > Event Recording > Detects motion)?


Yea it looks like everything for both cameras stopped recording after 8:30pm on 5/24. I updated the firmware on both cameras, and instantly they started working again. I was using a free subscription that came with my cameras, could they have stopped working because that ended? I got them on May 10

Yeah I used to brag this way too. Then Wyze forced out firmware updates to people who had been declining them diligently for years. After some bad press they admitted a few months later that it was for a security issue they had let fester. There went my hopes of one day using the Xnor code on my V2s.

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5\10 to 5\24 = 14 day CamPlus Trial. Once expired, you will no longer get Full Length Video Event Recording to the Wyze cloud. Now on the basic no subscription plan, you will only get a motion activated thumbnail snapshot with a 5 minute time out between event recording snapshots.

CamPlus Light can be free, 12s videos, 5min time out, Person Detection Smart AI.

CamPlus, full length video, no time out, full AI.

Also suggest using a High Endurance uSD card. Full onboard local recording capability completely independent of the subscription, continuous or motion activated.


Yes, be sure to sign up for Cam Plus or Cam Plus Lite at using your camera’s logon address from the person icon in the upper-right corner as @SlabSlayer outlined above.


I am optimistic that your (and many others) experience and staunch feedback to Wyze on forced or auto pushed updates have taught them a clear lesson in this regard. Bad PR.

They did that recently with the T-stat and I blew a gasket. Wyze replied and recognized that this was not what they wanted to do going forward.

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But I really can’t blame them for force patching what some (wrongly) believed to be a critical vulnerability. I guess the issue is that it went against the entire semblance of user control they had provided (in being able, we thought, to decline and/or schedule updates). And yet they did warn people too… Since these are “ecosystem” online cameras dependent on Wyze servers, it’s understandable that they will maintain an iron hand in some cases.

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Thank you for explaining that to me😊

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I have no problems with updates necessary for use of new functions, updates for security patches, updates for compatibility with the ever-expanding family of IoT Wyze is introducing into the ecosystem.

But… On my schedule and by my choice. Never forced.

If there is an update so critical that Wyze feels the necessity to make it mandatory, that needs to be explained in painfully detailed language as to what the update is providing, what it fixes, why it is critical, and what features or functions are lost without it, and then let me decide if I want to continue doing business.

This is called communication with their customers. Something Wyze only employs in marketing, and certainly not with clarity then. The App has a built in Messages board. Has anyone ever seen it used? No, instead we get constant popup messages that don’t apply and just annoy. Useless noise.

The ironic reality in this is that Wyze created this necessity for users to be apprehensive about updates. I could understand a bug or two over time quickly patched. But Wyze has taken updates to a heretofore unthinkable low. Nearly every update, every time…and not just bugs, but total bricks!

The definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over the same way and thinking you will get different results. Wyze is insane to think this is normal business and it can continue.