Audio Trigger Sensitivity MUCH too Sensitive for a given Setting!!

Using the latest Android software and firmware builds, I am anything but satisfied with the audio sensitivity.

As I noted in an earlier post, I have set both of my Wyzecam V2 cams’ sound to 5% sensitivity. My technical background interprets this to mean very little sensitivity, that it would take an explosion to trigger the sensor, correct?

If so, please explain to me how (with the front door closed) a school bus driving by in the street the other day triggered my cam? These audio triggers keep going off at 5% even when we are talking in another room!

BTW, my 2½ year old granddaughter let out a scream the other day when she was here, and it triggered the CO alarm! Who needs Wyzecams when I have a human CO detector (LOL!)??

Any thoughts on all of this? My take is that at 5% it would take an awfully loud sound to trigger the audio sensor, but in my case (with two V2 cams) even low-level sounds trigger them. I hope that this can be rectified, as it is quite annoying!!

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