Audible notification on my Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S8)

Is it possible for my Android phone to sound an alarm when motion is detected by my camera? I checked the Notifications on my phone. In the Wyze App SHOW NOTIFICATIONS is on, APP ICON BADEGES is on, WYZEMESSAGE (sound) is on, GENERAL (SOUND) in on, MEDIA is set to maximum, but I am hearing none of this.

Go to you phone notication from there you can change your sound we have done it on all of our tablets

Detection settings needs to be set up, and Detects Motion needs to be on in Event Recording. You also need to be sure the app is not disabling Push notifications globally – make sure the Bell in the upper-right of the Home tab isn’t crossed out or have Z’s on it. If it does, press it to reverse.


I have an Android Phone and yes it is an audible Alert as long as you don’t turn off the sounds and activate Vibrate only via the Android.

What @Newshound said for the App and the following for the phone.

Here are my Settings to ensure I am gettng the notifications, Note, I am on Android 12 using a Pixel 6:

  • Permissions: I set to All
  • Mobile and WiFi: I se to Unrestricted Growth
  • Battery: Unrestricted (Needed for better notifications)
  • Remove Permissions: Turned Off

Now Notification Menu

These are images of what I have set. Note Wyze Messages is the Primary to get notifications. Under Sound, you can set the desired notification sound, you can also set None which would essentially disable the sounds for the Notifications.


@spamoni4, thank you. Your Android 12 must be much more advanced than my S8. I don’t see any of the bulleted points in my phone settings.

Plus this
Screenshot_20211217-084622_Package installer

Long press on the Wyze app. The select App Info.

When the screen pops up, you should see something like the following:

Select notifications from here.

I’m curious about the Wyzebeta you have.

This is what I get when I long press the app. I do see the notifications now and I am getting an audible.

I am using Wyze App Beta v 2.27.16

My Android 12 Version is as follows:

  • Android Version 12
  • Build: SD1A.210817.037.A1
  • Security Update: November 5 (Pixel 6 is delayed for the December Security Patch)

What Device are you running the app on?


Read this topic again, saw you are using a Samsung S8, correct?

@R.Good , I know you have a Samsung Device as well as a Pixel, would you be willing to do a Long Press on the wyze app from the Samsung Device, to App Info and see what your primary screen looks like? Is it similar to the image I provided above for the Pixel 6:

Or what @JimPerry provided:

Out and about but when I return will be happy to

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When I long press on the Samsung Note10+ and click on app Info this is the page I get

I have a Samsung S8 running Android 9 and can take a screenshot, but isn’t this resolved?

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I believe it is resolved. The difference in the screens was a bit confusing. The OP was asking what my versions were. I was not aware that Samsung’s display was that different. I knew Samsung had their own UI, but without having one, I couldn’t provide an accurate answer.

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I’m running the app on Samsung SM G950U
Hardware Version REV1.0
Android version 9
Build number PPR1.180610.011.G950USQU8DUD3

I downloaded the app from the Google Play Store. I believe you may be part of the Beta program. I am not.

I am on Beta. Samsung UI is a bit different. But you are getting audible notifications now, correct?

Yes. All the time since I am in the shop all the time, I guess I just need to unplug the camera when i am in there and remember to turn it on when I’m gone.


Yep, manufacturers stick their own UI on top of Android and then carriers make slight mods on top of that. Samsung has different flavors of One UI and One UI Core. Even Google Pixels use different flavors of Pixel UI on top of Android. I think the last pure/stock Android UI I saw was a Google Nexus.

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