Attempting a 6600 Mile Re-Set!

This is the error that we get when trying to view the camera.

I am 6600 miles from the camera, so it’s not easy to reset.

I have been told by my internet company that there is service to my property.

Is there a way to reset this from a distance? Could it be an issue with new software?

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Any way to reset the router remotely? That might get the camera to re-connect. Other than that, whenever I’ve gotten that error I’ve had to power cycle. Can you get someone that is closer to take a look?

Doesn’t help now, but next time you’re there I would put the camera on a smart plug for remote power cycles.

Happens to me occasionally and usually reconnects on its own within 4 hours.

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Agree with others, if I’m depending on a cam, I set it up on a smart plug, but that still doesn’t cover Router issues, so I added a smart plug that executes a power cycle every night on the router as a fail safe (yes, nothing failsafe)

Unfortunately, if you don’t have access to your router or a client system that you can get on your LAN with, I think your hoping for the best at this point.

Welcome to the Wyze community @stuart1!
@OrbitHenry has some good suggestions! A router reboot may solve it and a smart plug or a manual timer for scheduled power cycling is I good idea.

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Stuart, one other thing might save the situation, you’ll know overnight if it does, the firmware was, at one point, initiating an attempt to reconnect to WiFi after a period of disconnection, so let’s hope.

Edit: if you have a neighbor you trust, tripping and resetting the breaker should get you back up.


Ture, nothing is 100%.

Which smartplug are you using to do the power cycle?

Another suggestion, I have all my Wyze Cam v2 reset automatically at 4a each day. Once you regain connection, setting up a daily reset could help with future connection issues.

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You have Airplane mode on with yoir phone.

Yep that’s what I do. :joy:

In all fairness we determined they actually are restarting, it’s the log that’s messed up.

I actually went old school to address this, and just bought a “DUMB” Timer plug. You could go with an old mechanical, or pick up one that has an LCD to set on or off events.

It’s a conundrum when you want to reset a router, since most users have their modem and AP in one (standard router) the router is also your AP a lot of smart devices then go offline when the Wi-Fi drops.

I have SmartThings and have a couple Z-wave plugs, and SmartLighting Smartapp is supposed to run locally on the hub, but they have been unreliable, so I went old school.

I have a WiFi extender in my shop, I use the Z-wave plugs to reboot it, since WiFi drops with the device going off, it looses its hook to my network, so I just use Zwave plugs so they remain online during the reboot of the WiFi.

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