Assigning Camera

I install internet all day and this is bull crap. Bought a pan cam years ago, now nothing works. Tried to buy the plus package still doesn’t work .Nobody will answer support number and your website sucks. I will tell all my customers to never buy a wyze camera

Welcome to the forums! This is a user forum and I am sure the group here would love to help you with your issues if that’s what your here looking for.

If your looking for assistance, we’ll need more explanation about a few of your points. Being very general in describing an issue is won’t help getting focused assistance. What does “nothing works” with the Pan mean? Regarding the Camplus issue, your said “tried”, so you didn’t get it? The purchase doesn’t work or the assigning to a camera, etc, what doesn’t work?

With Support, how long did you wait in hold? There might be some hold times while the wizards works through the calls and get to assist you. What time if day did you call? What about the website “sucks”? How could it be better? Thanks in advance for any input you can provide that would help you.