"Arming" the cameras

Is there a quick way to “arm” your cameras, i.e. turn on the notifications for movement, smoke etc without having to go into each camera’s settings? I’m working on building up my home security system and would love to be able to do this quickly for several cameras.

No, you have to do it for each cam. I have twelve cameras set up and it didn’t take me very long. How many do you have?

BTW, you can turn on or off all push notifications from all cameras globally by tapping the gear icon in the notifications tab.

I don’t have that many cameras, but it would still be nice to be able to do this with a one-tap arm/disarm. I don’t really want to be pushing video to the cloud over my network when the alerts are just me walking around in my boxers. :slight_smile:

There have been rumblings that they are working on more controls for the cloud uploads. Perhaps even geofencing. But no specifics and not timeframe. I think the best you can do right now is use the schedule option (which has limitations). Or you could turn off the cloud alerts and put a card in the camera and record/playback events that way.

I was thinking this same thing. You have the alerts set for each camera and just have a button to arm/ disarm for the group. That button should be on the opening page of the app. I know you can set schedules but there are plenty of times you aren’t on a certain schedule. Like on weekends.