Control alert notification for individual cameras?

Hello all, I briefly searched this topic, but could not find any info. I would like to be able to control alerts for individual cameras; Example: turn off notification alerts for backyard cam, but keep alerts for other cameras. Do we have this option?

Thanks in advance.

We do indeed, via shortcuts. On the main screen of the app press the Elipsis “. . .” Then select Edit Shortcuts. One of the available options is to turn notifications on or off. If you don’t need the automation the option is available on a per camera basis in the “Gear” icon in the top right of each cameras live view.


Thanks! I didn’t realize that function was camera specific.

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You can turn notifications off/on for each individual camera , just go to settings for that camera, tap on notifications and turn off/on , send notifications

in the future you would be better off to search the support page first, click on it at the upper right of this page