Arming system doesn't warn that sensors are open

When I arm my system home or away, the keypad doesn’t warn that a sensor is open. Is there way to change this? I can’t find anything in the app. This is a necessity. I’ve left the garage door open all night several times because I didn’t realize the door was open. This also happened with a window that a guest left open.

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You are correct. This is currently not a feature.

There is a similar Wishlist item that asks for a failure to arm if a sensor is open:

You can follow the link over there, vote for it at the top, then add your post at the bottom.


Thanks…ridiculous though!

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realized this the hard way, when we left our patio door open all night. this for sure is RIDICULOUS.
(am longtime wyze fan, but somebody totally missed the point of what monitoring means)

its like hmm, this a shiny car with surround sound stereo … but we forgot about the brakes.

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