Are folders and camera settings written on SD card during setup?

I had my pancam working okay and was looking into RTSP so I swapped the 1GB SD card for a 2GB card with the beta software. When I looked at the contents of the “working” 1GB card I saw folders. Are they written to the SD card during camera setup? If I use a different blank card will the cam work orbis a new setup required? Thanks for the help.

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Your camera will work with a new card or no card at all.
The folders on your current card are created when you set the camera to record to the card.

Thanks Angus! Does the camera have to be on the same wifi network as the viewing devices? My pancam is on the 2.4mhz part of my mesh but all my devices default to the 5.8 part. Cam was working great in my office. Moved to another room and no device can see it now. Really appreciate your advice!

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As long as everything has Internet access you can connect to your cameras.
Your phone does not connect directly to the cameras after the initial setup. Everything communicstes through Wyze servers.

Ok. That explains it. Many thanks. Stay safe.

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No problem.

Stay isolated.:slightly_smiling_face: