AR/VR/Mixed Reality Headset

A high quality, similar to Oculus Quest 2 VR headset that works with mobile devices and Windows mixed reality would be a plus. Has a technology that avoids eye strain. I don’t care if it’s wired or wireless unless wireless has a 30 ft + range.

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I’d offer up a two-fer

If you want to really dominate the space, release a unit that can function in both a VR and AR capacity. This would not only dominate the competition, but positions Wyze to ride in and dominate the Augmented Worker space.

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Since Wyze is mainly rebadging Chinese products, I’d love to see them work something out with the Pico Neo 3 to bring it to western markets. It’s a Stand-alone vr headset with almost the same specs and pricing as the quest 2, but with built in support for steamvr out of the box too. They only sell it in the states as an enterprise unit, but several games have already been ported like super hot, synth riders, onshape, and eleven table tennis.

Both Wyze and pico could do well here I think with those of us that love the quest but hate Facebook and don’t want to create a fb account just to play games.

AR/VR/Mixed Reality

I would love the idea of Wyze putting out their version of VR/AR or Mixed Reality pair of glasses; like Rokid has or what Apple Glasses are rumored to have. That way we can keep an eye on the cams (along with tv watching and such) without having to turn to look at a secondary screen. Maybe give the option of blocking out reality if watching a movie and mixed reality if watching a Wyze live cam while at work and not getting caught.