Apple users: Get a nest Mini to solve MANY problems (homekit and more)

We do not like google or android. We have been Apple loyalist since 1978 (okay, boomer). But we also do not like the fact that everything we own from Wyze we cannot find a way to get to work by saying, “Hey, Siri” and having it just work.

One of our homes had the Google Wi-Fi Mesh system installed in it. In order to control it (like change the wifi password), we needed to install the Google Home app. The mesh system is great. It is older and does not have the microphone/speaker set up.

I own 3 houses and within them use Plugs (8), Cam OG (4), Cam v3 (5), Pan & Scan v2 (4), Pan & Scan v1 (6), Outdoor v1 (4), Outdoor base v1 (2), Solar Panel (2), Locks (3), Lock Keypads (3), Lock Gateways (3), Scales (2), Handheld Vacuum (2), Floor vacuum (1), Watch 47 (2), Color bulbs (8), white bulbs (12), Color LED strip (5).

I have been looking into how to get my devices to work with my iPhone for many weeks. I finally caved, and bought the Nest Mini & color bulb combo from Wyze. It is very cheap right now - like $25 - and arrived within 24 hours.

Took about 20 minutes to get it added to network, software updated, add the “Works with Google” Wyze connector, and add all 26 lights to their appropriate rooms. Within 30 minutes I was controlling my lights with my voice, and no longer needing to go to the Wyze app to do so.

I do have privacy concerns as it is always listening. yes there is a switch to mute the mike, but what is the point if I have to reach up and grab that and switch it on and off might as well grab my phone and click a button in an app.

I love how easy it is so much I bought another Nest Mini and color bulb for the same price, and it just arrived. installed in just 10 minutes because all my other settings were saved. Now from the home office or the living room I can control all my lights. The Wyze lights were already on a schedule, but sometimes you want to turn on or off the bedroom lights (or turn them red for fun) by your voice.

I love that you can make the bulbs dim or bright by your voice.

Bonus: I can play my apple music playlists through my nest mini speakers. And all the other voice assistant stuff like weather, traffic, read me the news, play NPR, etc.

I know that you can install the google assistant app on your phone and also the home app has some voice capabilities within them. The whole point was to just use your voice to do basic things, like not get up to flip a light switch, or grab your phone and sort through 100 devices, device groups, or rules to do something as basic as turn off an overhead light.

So I am happy now. Happiness cost me $25.

While I have zero need to turn on and off cameras with my voice, nice to know I could if I wanted to. I cannot think of a use case where I would say with my voice to open one of the three Wyze locks. But start the robot vacuum maybe.

And no, I’m not going to switch to android phone or google pixel or whatever - love my apple tech (worked at Microsoft 20 years, too).

I think this rave/rant can be summarized by saying “wyze, make your stuff work with apple”.

I am not going to buy the ‘works with apple’ devices that cost 400% more than wyze either. Cheaper to save a ton on all the wyze stuff I have that works great and buy a few of those nest minis than to by all that ‘works with apple’ expensive stuff they sell at the apple store.

Thanks for reading. Now tell me how I could have avoided buying the mini. Looked at the 3rd party integration stuff with homekit - some way to bridge wyze to homekit, then homekit on apple, but could not figure it all out and at this point, not sure I care too much.

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