Apple HomeKit Integration

We are aiming toward Matter as it will allow us to work in more areas rather than focusing on just one or two.

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What’s the timeline on Matter support? What will it cover?

Heck, even Hubitat just added HomeKit integration. Matter is a long way off (no really, it is despite being "released) and none of the current products will support it. HomeKit is here today.
(Technically it was here 4+ years ago when this was requested.)

Wyze has missed the boat on this one.

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I don’t have the details on that yet.

I do know some of our products are able to support Matter, cameras are obviously a long way off due to the standards not even being in place yet.

Yep so is SmartThings and the many other integrations users have asked for so we put our resources into the one that would get us into the most areas rather than trying to do them all one at a time.

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Sure, OK.

Update: OPINION: Matter is a mess

Request integration/support for Apple’s HomeKit

Make the camera, etc. compatible with HomeKit. This has been suggested/requested multiple times over the years. It should help me your support easier and be a real plus for users.

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Yes, look at the title at the top of this topic, it says "Wishlist Probably Not integration, probably-not

Is there any update on the integration to HomeKit? One aspect that discourages me from purchasing wyze products is the lack of compatibility with HomeKit.

While I understand that my individual purchase may not hold much significance in the grand scheme of things, I believe it is likely that many others share this concern. However, I am one of the few who has taken the initiative to express it. It is safe to assume that there are numerous potential customers who do not want to go through the trouble of contacting a company to request a feature or express a concern before making a purchase.

I respectfully urge you to consider this request seriously. Given that you already advertise compatibility with Alexa and Google, it is worth considering the potential to attract millions of iPhone users who appreciate the seamless integration within the Apple ecosystem. As someone who recently switched to iPhone after years of using Android, I can attest to the smooth functioning of iOS and Mac OS, as well as the overall simplicity of the Apple ecosystem. It would be wonderful to incorporate a wyze system into my own household and extend its use to my family’s homes, all within the same user-friendly environment.

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Yes. The update is that they are not going to do HomeKit because, MATTER.

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Haven’t seen much about matter from anyone yet, although I don’t seek out info about it since I’m good with my handful of devices using open source solutions. If Wyze wants to entice customers like those above, they could at least sketch out any plans to add matter to existing products via fw updates. If people know it’s coming sooner rather than later, they may jump on the Wyze bandwagon.


Matter is too undeveloped and reviews have not be very favorable so far. It is not yet as user friendly as it needs to be for the general public to adopt and use it without being frustrated and confused. For this reason, a lot of companies are waiting for improved development before they commit to any timelines and plans. I wouldn’t expect Wyze to make an announcement on this until things are more stable and user-friendly, which is not currently the case. They mostly say they are keeping a close eye on the development.

As for current/legacy devices, I suspect that a lot of them will require a Matter “Bridge” which does not yet exist. I am betting newer devices will get built-in support and older devices will likely get some functionality through a Matter Bridge of some kind since some of them won’t have the resources (memory, processor, RAM, etc to support the libraries natively. But some may. We will have to see. It’s just honestly too new at this point and only really being used by the more tech savvy. It will take some time to get to mass adoption. Some articles suspect that it will take as long as 3 more years before Matter becomes the most used Smart Home standard. I’m guessing Wyze will jump in before then, but who knows, I don’t speak for them and 3 years is still a lot of time.


I tend to agree with your take of the situation, which would lead me to think more of the experienced members on these forums would echo similar thoughts rather than make it sound like matter is right around the corner. I’ve yet to hear any specific announcement other than some companies like wyze embracing the standard in general terms. It makes sense as you point out. I’m not into the tech aspects but just on the surface it’s adding code that simply may not fit within the available memory of existing devices which may also eliminate ability to connect to a new bridge. Devices that use bridges now may be easier to upgrade since if the current bridge can’t handle the code then it could be replaced with new bridge. Plus companies have a lot to consider after spending years to establish their ecosystem. Creating a bridge or adding capabilities to existing devices doesn’t necessarily result in any significant increased revenue.


Yes, you make very valid considerations. I am curious how some of that will play out. I believe Matter is more risky for companies with higher prices and profit margins than for those like Wyze with lower prices and lower profit margins. Wyze will have more incentives to support Matter than risks because of their overall business model of high volume, low margins. IF their stuff is suddenly able to work with other people’s other IoT devices more seamlessly, then they are likely to reach a bigger market. It should also make it possible for more things to work without eating into Wyze’s ongoing resource costs. This should increase the funnel of customers Wyze can reach and a fraction of those will be interested in Wyze’s other residual profit offerings like Security (HMS, Cam Protect, even Cam Plus) while leveraging the existing technologies and best practices of those who are contributing to Matter, helping with development costs and faster time to market in the long term because they won’t have to keep creating or maintaining their own proprietary protocols or juggling multiple other platforms like they do now (Google Assistant, Google Fit, Alexa, IFTTT, etc, among other future ones they get pressure for constantly). It will also enhance their brand reputation and trustworthiness and will basically be a seal of approval about a user’s other devices working together more reliably with a consistent shared protocol. So between expanding their market, lowering development costs in the long run, improving customer satisfaction and boosting brand recognition, particularly since they have one of the lowest profit margins and thus most affordable options, I think that it will happen in the long run for Wyze. That isn’t to say there aren’t reasons to delay for now, or some risks and downsides, but I think the benefits and incentives will win out overall. It just sucks being patient. :slight_smile:

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Ultimately, I agree, it could put pressure on higher priced alternatives since there could be significant numbers of the lower priced devices jumping in using matter to open the door, while the low cost types like Wyze will have to decide if adding matter may be worth risking a bit higher price for the matter compatibility, which could be an opportunity to improve margins by increased revenue and lower support costs as you mention.

We are buying a new home and, thankfully, the builder decided to leave out smart devices due to the various personal preferences of owners and the lack of existing interoperability. I was happy to hear that since the last thing I’d want to deal with is an ecosystem I’ve got no interest in using. Certainly in the future matter could eliminate this issue. Personally, we just don’t need much automation and the few smart devices we have will satisfy our needs at the new house.

A recurring theme is that most people do not realize matter does not include cams yet and that it may take years and could be a bumpy ride getting to any type of seamless interoperability.

Interesting watching things unfold though, even if at a snails pace.


And yet, as far as any integration outside of that with Amazon, Google, or IFTTT, Wyze still touts Matter as the future and has abandoned all other integrations.

Yes, but you have to look at it from a business perspective. Investors and any business analysts would all see it as a terrible business decision to waste time, resources and money on developing for individual platform integration, only to then later add Matter support and make all the previous work completely obsolete. From a business perspective, that would be flushing money down the toilet…at least tens of thousands of dollars of employee salaries, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars, and cause either bloated coding that no longer serves any purpose and takes away from the limited resources of some devices, or at the very least require ongoing upkeep for all of those individual platforms, which costs money to pay employees to do, either way it would be seen by most investors and business analysts as short-sighted, bad decision making, lack of long-term vision, etc and be a huge red-flag to investors instead of being a little patient for Matter to mature and only having to do the work once, in less time dedication, and less ongoing maintenance. I would seriously think they were crazy if they started supporting a bunch of individual platforms right now…with the exception of direct Home Assistant integration. Everything else, including Homekit will be covered in full by supporting Matter.

Delays suck for us consumers/users. We all hate delay of gratification and want things done now, right away. But in some cases that isn’t actually the best long-term business decision.

Just putting it out there…Homekit integration is my number one wish with Wyze products. I just want to be able to control my lights without having to open an app. I don’t care about having the cameras work with homekit, more concerned with the lights. There are other small companies like Merose that can do homekit integration so I don’t understand why wyze can’t. I would rather not switch to them because I really like wyze overall and I have 30+ wyze products in my house already. But slowly as my light bulbs burn out over the years I sadly may have to. I know that I am not the only person who feels that way and actually believed that wyze was working on it in the beginning.


speaking of niche markets to focus on…

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I thought this thread is about HomeKit integration… so I’d say they should provide official plugins for homebridge.

Yeah, don’t get me wrong, Homekit is a critical and large market/platform that should be toward the very top of the list. I’m not disputing that at all. I’m simply saying that basically everything with it will come automatically with Matter support ,not that it isn’t really important, it is and I very much support getting Homekit integration. I’m simply saying that at this current point in time, it makes better business sense to attain that compatibility through Matter than doing the work twice with a separate isolated integration that will add unnecessary maintenance costs in the future.

A short term compromise while waiting for matter would be to give some limited API access for 3rd party devs to more easily expand Homebridge features. I wish they would at least do that.

(I won’t get much into the Home Assistant exceptions rationales since this isn’t the right thread for that, but even that one can easily get most integration through Matter, and adds a lot of bonus support for Homekit and Siri control that’s not even possible with standard native Homekit access.)

Ya, I thought I was buying free person detection and 14 days clip storage which were clearly advertised as selling points with no asterisks about future subscriptions. Meanwhile, I never saw any mention of HomeKit as a future feature, other than being on this wishlist which never made it sound hopeful. I’m taking their word for it as not happening.

I know it’s not for everyone, it can be frustrating to setup, but I’m pretty happy running homebridge on my 13 yr old dell netbook after dumping win7 and loading lubuntu and following the homebridge install info. But I’ve always dabbled in tech, building PCs and doing some IT work on the side, etc. But it can be a hassle so I understand most people would prefer avoid it. Hoobs says they got homebridge in a box, but I think it’s a bit pricy.