Apple HomeKit Integration

For what it’s worth I’d like to chime in and ask the Wyze put on the product roadmap adding Apple HomeKit integration.
iPhone and iOS is such a prevalent system and it’s so curious why Wyze has not yet added integration with it.
For me, I do like Wyze products but for what really matters for home integration I’m using other products that do integrate with HomeKit. I will seriously consider switching to Wyze products once they integrate with HomeKit.
Question: is there a way to tell if this request is being considered by the product managers and if/when they plan to implement it?

We are aiming toward Matter as it will allow us to work in more areas rather than focusing on just one or two.

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What’s the timeline on Matter support? What will it cover?

Heck, even Hubitat just added HomeKit integration. Matter is a long way off (no really, it is despite being "released) and none of the current products will support it. HomeKit is here today.
(Technically it was here 4+ years ago when this was requested.)

Wyze has missed the boat on this one.

I don’t have the details on that yet.

I do know some of our products are able to support Matter, cameras are obviously a long way off due to the standards not even being in place yet.

Yep so is SmartThings and the many other integrations users have asked for so we put our resources into the one that would get us into the most areas rather than trying to do them all one at a time.

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Sure, OK.